– at work at rest –

white male in a photography gallery
2019-06-11 Roger

white male against a wall of photos and posters
2019-06-14 – Skyler

young white male with tattoos in potters studio
2019-06-20 – Paul

white male with long hair and beard, two young boys holding chickens outside in the shade of a tree
2019-07-07 – Skyler and Boys

young black woman painter in gallery with her paintings
2019-07-20 – Athesia

young white woman in dance studio wearing leotards, at barre in front of mirror
2019-07-25 – Sarah

white male in woodworking shop
2019-08-29 – Griff

white male in a room with stainless steel vats and sinks
2019-09-02 – Tony

white male standing in a corn field with a camera
2019-09-04 – Mark

white woman in bright yellow pants and blue denim jacket with office machines and child's painting easel
2019-09-26 – Rachel

white male standing at a bar in a "tap room"
2019-10-18 – Ryan

white male in a theater set building workshop
2019-11-29 – Josh

woman painter in her studio
2019-12-02 – Sandra

woman standing in storefront window holding a coffee cup
2020-04-20 Nichole

full length portrait, black woman standing in storefront window
2020-06-05 – Jackie

2021-05-31 – Rachel and Kids

2021-09-13 – Jacquie

2021-09-20 Becky