a current project

These images made up of a number of frames, two or three high and four to six wide. Each frame is printed to 24″ x 36″ making the full piece four to six feet high and up to 18 feet long.

During the conversation my eyes dart, glance, or scan around the room settling on various objects, hands, faces.

Conversations – where does that word come from   what does it mean   dialogue   discourse   discussion    

In linguistics, converses or relational antonyms are pairs of words that refer to a relationship from opposite points of view

The term dialogue stems from the Greek διάλογος (dialogos, conversation); its roots are διά (dia: through) and λόγος (logos: speech, reason). The first extant author who uses the term is Plato, in whose works it is closely associated with the art of dialectic. Latin took over the word as dialogus.

discourse is defined as “any practice (found in a wide range of forms) by which individuals imbue reality with meaning”.

2022-04-10 A Conversation with Jason, Mark & Philip

2022-03-28 – A Conversation with Jayden

2022-03-16 – A Conversation with Madeleine

2022-03-01 – A Conversation with Nichole

2022-02-20 – A Conversation with Philip & Mark, Rochester, NY

2022-02-18 – A Conversation with Josh & Emma, Perry, NY